Board of Directors

Raven Radio is a community-owned membership institution and is the organization that owns and operates KCAW. That means that anyone can become a member by paying annual membership dues. Members annually elect directors who serve as a board to manage the affairs of the corporation. The members of the Board of Directors represent a broad range of interests, backgrounds, professions and viewpoints.

To send a message to the board, use the contact form.  Current members of the board include:

  • Perry Edwards, President
  • Gretchen Clarke, Vice President
  • Mandy Evans, Treasurer
  • Ted Howard, Secretary
  • Dan Etulain
  • Kenley Jackson
  • Ted Laufenberg
  • Roby Littlefield
  • Celia Lubin
  • Heather Powell

The citizen members of the board represent the membership and the community, and act in a variety of ways to ensure a healthy organization. Board responsibilities include:

  • Setting budgets
  • Making policy
  • Planning for the future
  • Hiring and supervising the organization’s General Manager/CEO
  • Representing KCAW to the public.

The board holds regular meetings 11 times a year (once a month, except August). Acting only with a quorum of at least six members, the board follows a typical meeting agenda and meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 6 p.m at the station.